About Us

At Design Anonymous we like our beer culture, we like our memes and we like our design! Sometimes we do it all at the same time! Design Anonymous was born because we got tired of hearing ourselves saying “someone should do…” every time we came up with an idea we liked. We should do it! And so we did. Because there will never be enough beer shirts in the world.


Know what you’re getting!

We hate it when our shirts don’t fit. So you’ll know how wide, how long your shirt is, and what size chest it fits.

Original Designs

Because of how we print, we don’t have to do massive print runs. That means we can have the freedom to focus on new ideas. And frankly that’s what we’re in it for. Besides, in this day and age of mass produced products, it’s awesome to find unique stuff you can’t find anywhere else, isn’t it?

But we also don’t want to overwhelm our visitors will a billion designs to sift through. So if you have seen something and it’s not up anymore, give us a dingle. We probably still have it and just took it down to make room for our latest brain explosion. If you say pretty please in the nicest of ways, we probably could sneak an order out just for you.

Secure Payments

Security is important to us and so is your trust. That is why we use the most trusted payment gateway in the world to process your payments: PayPal. You don’t even need an account. You can pay with your credit card. Your transaction is handled securely on their site and we can focus on getting your stuff.

Ship World Wide!

I know, right?? We go everywhere. Plus, we use only reliable shipping carriers!

Real People

While we don’t want to be famous (we’re kinda shy), we’re definitely not corporate (shudder). We’re real people and we care about what we’re doing.

We’re petty flexible so if you want us to adapt or personalize a design just for you or your special group, let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.  And if you are one of those people who thinks someone ought to do one of your great ideas, let us know.